Preventive Clinic

ENT Specialist

ent specialist

Our ENT specialist aims to provide a comprehensive examination of the head and neck area to detect any ailment of the ear, nose and throat.


Heart Clinic

heart clinic

Cardiovascular disease is ranked number one on the chart of disease fatality in Malaysia. Our Heart clinic aims to assist in the prevention of cardiovascular and heart diseases through a wide spectrum of services such as ECG. Stress ECG, blood test and medical examinations. These tests are conducted by licensed and experienced consultants.


Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Care

gastroenterology and hepatobiliary care

Our Gastro & Liver clinic specializes in diagnosing, investigating, and managing diseases as well as problems related to the digestive system, which includes the digestive system, gall bladder and liver.


Internal Medicine Physician

internal medicine

Our Physician's clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. This clinic provides outpatient consultation for new medical illnesses and subsequent long term follow up using a comprehensive and holistic approach.


Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity Clinic

metabolic and obesity

Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of conditions that mainly present itself as the “Three Highs” – high in blood cholesterol, high in blood pressure and high in blood sugar level. The clinic offers a variety of treatment options and solutions to the problems resulting from metabolic syndrome and helps patients fight obesity.


Eye Care Clinic

eye care

Our eyes are said to be the “window to a person’s soul”, but is often placed at the bottom of the priority health check list. GHHS Healthcare provides the finest eye care services in ensuring all our patrons will have optimal vision to see a better world.


Longevity & Age Management Clinic

longevity and age management

This clinic aims to achieve optimal health and youthfulness through biotechnological advancement in promoting longevity. GHHS Healthcare's Longevity & Age Management clinic specializes in, but not limited to, complete hormonal assessment, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), management of menopause and andropause, erectile dysfunction, weight management, dietetic and nutritional advice, and rejuvenation treatment.


Health & Dietetic Clinic

health and dietetic clinic

Lack of knowledge is one of the main contributors of compromised health. This is why GHHS Healthcare insists that every report must come with a personal dietitian or nutritionist consultation. Our dietary team is dedicated to advice based on the sciences of nutrition and diet therapy, and to manage a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions professionally.


Genetic Screening

genetic screening

GHHS Genetic Screening is a range of test panels designed to screen for genetic markers in an individual’s DNA. These genetic markers are medically linked with an increased risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gout, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. By having better knowledge of some of the genetic risks for a disease, you will be in a position to make positive changes to your lifestyle and diet, if necessary.

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