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Each of us has a unique set of chemical blueprints affecting how our body looks and functions. These blueprints are contained in our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) inside every cell. Genes are found in specific segments along the length of human DNA, and the genetic makeup will determine various conditions and diseases. Most people already know something about the medical history of their parents and grandparents, but they may not know what conditions are inheritable or how different diseases are connected. Genetic screening uses genomics technologies to detect known genetic mutations, also known as genetic markers, in your DNA. These markers are associated with common and rare genetic illnesses or disorders. Genetic markers may also indicate the potential for you to have adverse reactions towards certain types of food or drugs.

GHHS Genetic Screening is a range of test panels designed to screen for genetic markers in an individual’s DNA. These genetic markers are medically linked with an increased risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gout, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. By having better knowledge of some of the genetic risks for a disease, you will be in a position to make positive changes to your lifestyle and diet, if necessary.


Discover Risks for Genetic Illnesses Early

Genetic screening can detect possible risks for a genetic illness at an early stage. It can also reveal your predisposition towards certain illnesses that are inherited. You could then use this information to take the necessary steps to better manage your health.


Understand Rare Genetic Disorders

Genetic screening can also assist doctors to better understand or characterise serious genetic disorders that have low prevalence in the population. This information may help reduce feelings of uncertainty in individuals suffering from such disorders.


Get More Effective Medicine

Through genetic screening, your doctor can have better knowledge of the medication that may cause you adverse reactions. Your doctor may also be in a better position to prescribe more effective drugs at optimal dosages, based on your genetic markers.


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